International Conference on Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

On behalf of the organising committee we would like to invite you to Flex-Stretch Electronics 4, the fourth International Conference on Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, which will take place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands from November 12 - 13, 2013.

This conference is part of the activities of the Integrated Projects PLACE-it, ITEX and PASTA and other nationally funded projects in the field of flexible and stretchable electronics. Moreover international experts in the field, both from industry and from academia, will deliver key-note talks on the subject. Preceding the conference a day of tutorials on flexible and stretchable circuit technologies is organised at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where authorities in the field will share their knowledge and views.

Since the first successful conference, held in September 2007, the technology has made considerable progress, both with respect to applications and to industrialisation schemes.

Discussion during the event will focus on

  • Future (social wearables - social media enhanced devices, homecare, artist impression)
  • Trends (energy, fashion, sustainability) 
  • Applications (sports, medical, architecture)
  • Technology (interconnectivity, surface loading (nano), closing gap with manufacturing, stretchable electronics)
  • Components (electronic stitching, 3D printing, conductive fabrics)

We look forward to seeing you in Eindhoven in November!

Johan De Baets, Giovanni Cennini, Margreet de Kok, Koen van Os